In homeopathy, the Staphisagria remedy works well in behavioral disorders that result from withholding emotions, such as anger, in particular as a result of a traumatic or a frustrating experience.

People with the pathogenesis of Staphisagria are excitable and they need an outlet for excitement. If this is not the case, these feelings will be repressed, leading to the development of Staphisagria symptoms.

The woman that corresponds to the type Staphisagria is usually passive, gentle and resigned. She is pleasant, delicate, excitable and reserved and has a tendency to keep their problems inside herself; she is reluctant to share with others.
She is usually submissive and unable to assert his rights. If there is no dispute or antagonism, she leaves make and succumb to the desires of the other person, in particular those of her husband.

The man who meets Staphisagria profile is sensitive, shy and vulnerable, in particular when his love life is involved. He gives the impression of being manly and tough.

The child who responds well to remedy Staphisagria shows aggressive behavior and is susceptible to being disciplined or reprimanded.

Staphisagria is incapable of fighting back.

The person Staphisagria is unable to fight back when they are humiliated or treated unfairly and will have to swallow any anger or indignation without bitterness.

He is a person who suppresses anger, silent and helpless, while maintaining gentle and pleasing appearance. The patient is mentally hurt and the warning signs begin to appear.

Over time, the patient, male or female, is increasingly vulnerable, less excitable and is unable to express emotions.

The frustrations are somatizing and Staphisagria individual has a tendency to develop chronic cancer do not diminish over time.

These bulges appear mainly in the sexual organs, ovaries, uterus or testicles.

The misfortunes and suffering in a prolonged internal Staphysagria individuals are always linked with relationship problems.

They are predisposed to platonic relationships where they can dream of their beloved. The problem starts when these dreams come true and the person in question Staphisagria puts itself in respect of its partners.

In this way, they lose control of their lives, and not know how to manage their emotions.
If they were disappointed and strongly disappointed, they may have physical symptoms such as diarrhea, frequent urination, inflammation, headaches, rashes, itchy blisters, dizziness which decreases when the patient walks in circles and hypertrophy prostate.

We recommend Staphisagria for suppressed patients or who have bottled the anger, humiliation, sadness and anxiety. The person is unable to verbalize their feelings.

Clinical indications:

Remedy of the “honeymoon”: cystitis with pale urine that appears after the first sexual encounter.
A rash that changes position.
Surgical or post-surgical painful wounds.
Chalazion  applicants, in particular on the upper eyelid
All physical manifestations after anger or humiliation, behavioral and somatic disorders that result from anger, from humiliation, from frustration to anger and sadness hidden. These may appear through the skin, the digestive system, urinary system and heart disorders with back pain, mood swings and sleep disorders.
Vertigo that decreases when the patient walks in circles.
Disorders of the teeth that worsen with exposure to cold.
Nausea and vomiting with hyper-salivation in the pregnant woman.