Botanical origin: Asteraceae; Doronicum montanum,
Habitat: Herbaceous plant of the alps, no common in Apennines. Mountains of Central and noon Central Europe.
Analogic / symbolic representation: According to many authors of Spagyric school plant is under the auspices of Mars and infuses strength and courage, strengthening the mind and chairing the organic building processes and participating in the formation of blood. The structuring force that acts both on the organization of the ego that on viability, in addition to its “martial” function, is also given by the elevated silica content in its interior.
Known components: arnicina (bitter substance), carotenoids, triterpenes, phytosterols, flavonoids. Its main chemical components are the sesquiterpene lactones, which give the preparations of Arnica the anti-inflammatory activity: in fact regulate the transcription of pro-inflammatory cytokines, COX-2 and other mediators of inflammation. An in vitro study showed that directly binds and inhibits IkappaB kinase beta (IKKbeta), NFkB inhibitor, inducer of inflammation and plays a key role in the signal mediated by cytokines.

Allopathic therapeutic properties: anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antineuralgic, antiecchimotica.
Internal use: active stimulant of the nervous system. In high-dose emeto cathartic. It was prescribed a time in the bronchial catarrh species of older people as a stimulant. At high doses can give gastroenteritis and paralysis of the nerve centers.
External use: it should be against bruising and skin bruises, and is in popular use in trauma without sores. It should be applied on intact skin.
Homeopathic therapeutic properties: feeling generalized muscle soreness. Whole body seems to be broken. Remedy for bruises and the resulting symptoms.
Clinic: every symptom caused by a trauma requires Arnica but we must not forget the profound and rapid action of this remedy for nervous exhaustion, insomnia and consequent heart struggles to cerebral overexertion. The presence of a wound is a contraindication to the use of external Arnica to be replaced by Calendula or by’Echinacea.
Aggravation: for every minimal contact with the rest, with movement, with the wine.
Improvement: According lying with his head down (although the bed seems hard).
General physical symptoms: extreme weakness that reaches the prostration whole body aching seems as if it were covered with bruises. Feeling of local contusion and be all broken, after a fright, an injury or a great effort. Remedy for bruises and symptoms that result.
Psychic symptoms: Depressed physically and morally. Sad and gloomy, wants to be alone, you do not want that you speak, or that comes close. Everything has become indifferent, not for misanthropy, but fatigue. Insomnia, restless until 2 or 3 am, constantly changing place. The bed seems very hard, can not find a good location and moans sleeping, wakes up suddenly in anguish, bringing his hand to his heart as if he were to die suddenly. Chronic vertigo, especially walking.
cephalic ends: Make and hot head, nose and the rest of the body cold. Headache as if the seed coats were retracted, worse on the right and with the movement.
Gastro intestinal tract: Odour putrid breath, taste and belching rotten egg, especially in the morning. Flatulent colic, irritant gases and feces with putrid smell of rotten eggs. Involuntary stool at night during sleep (as Hyosciamus, Bryonia, Conium) often with incontinence of urine.
Respiratory: Hemoptysis after trauma or violent muscular effort or breathing. Dry cough spasmodic during sleep, the baby cries, cries or complains before coughing.
Cardiac disorders: cardiac fatigue, palpitations that come after the movement and disappear with rest.
genitourinary tract – urinary: menstruating early, abundant, bright red blood with clots. During menstruation: hot head and cold extremities, blood flow with painful sensitivity of the pelvic region. Injury feeling in the uterine region which prevents stand upright walking (like Bellis perennis). During pregnancy: the movements of the fetus are very painful and wake up at night. Varicose veins of the vulva and vagina are accompanied by the feeling of hurt. During menopause generalized soreness and extreme weakness with palpitation; hot head, cold body and bruising at the slightest contact.
Cutaneous system: Tendency to symmetrical eruptions, miliary or small pimples. caused bruising. Hematomas.
recurrent indications: Pregnancy, anuria, stroke, concussion, cerebral congestion, aches, nosebleeds, fractures, boils, hemoptysis, hemorrhage, laryngitis, purple, sciatica.
Prescription: physical symptoms 4-5-6-7 CH; 6- 7 LM. – Psychic symptoms 200 and 1000 k; 30 and 60 LM.
Complementary frequently: Natrum sulf.

(From the book: Homeopathy Science of the Individual by Di Paolo-Sponzilli)