The properties of this plant, also called marsh rosemary, once it has been diluted highlights its powerful action in cases of trauma, rheumatic diseases and blood transfer processes (bruising, bloody).
Surely this is one of the main reasons why this homeopathic remedy has incredible curative and preventive action after mosquito bites: in fact the effect is recognized on both the trauma of insect bites, inflammation is done by the poison and is the bleeding of mosquitoes in the area of ​​the bite.
This curious application is perhaps the most popular part of this remedy, but Ledum has a vast field of action in rheumatic diseases, is useful in inflammation and lesions.
The rheumatic patients who may benefit from this remedy are those in which the attack is usually related to acute inflammation that usually starts in the feet or legs and gradually spreads upward (hip, shoulder …).
The seizures begin at night with the warmth of the bed, the pains are irregular or cross, pains change of articulation (knee now right, now left shoulder …). It is an excellent remedy for all illnesses of the knee, whoever is the cause, and combined with Argentum metallicum has a regenerative effect in this articular cartilage.
It is also useful in case of pain in the knuckles, fingers and soles of the feet, ankles, knees.
It is sometimes present in people prone to sprains and strains. These discomforts worsen with the heat of the bed and always improve with a cold water bath.
Other situations in which you Ledum is useful are itching of the feet and ankles, which worsen with scratches and with the warmth of the bed, in wounds and ulcers resulting from any injury with a sharp instrument, especially when it is accompanied by bruises or bruises and the wound looks bloody, with bright red blood.
Special mention deserves the typical trauma “black eye”: here the cause is always some type of trauma, with extravasation of blood, and the patient needs to alleviate with cold applications. In all these cases the patient Ledum needs of applications or cold baths.
Is it useful to prevent mosquito bites?
Ledum is extremely useful to prevent itching, inflammation and bleeding produced from mosquito bites.
In this case the granules of 9 CH Ledum palustre are usually three or four times a day five granules.
While we are taking this homeopathic remedy some patients will “immunize” against the normally produced in the body by the bite of mosquitoes annoying reaction mode.