Aging is one of the most important item of the Ayurveda. It is the most ancient and holistic approach in the medicine’s field.  The ayurvedic medicine is a preventive treatment of the corporal disorders and its fundamental object is to keep the physiological homeostasis and the re-establishment of the normal organic functions. Ayurveda, from the sanskrit word “Ayur”, life, and “Veda”, knowledge, is a set of natural laws of human physiology own, codified, according to some traditions, more than six thousand years ago. The aging is classified as one of the natural processes of life and with the study of the condition of Dosha, Dhatu, Mala, Agni, Ojas, we can see the processes of the aging. Elderly people are susceptible to several chronic diseases. In the old people will be an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases and disabilities, both being conditions that tend to accompany the aging process. With the recognition of Vata, Pitta and Kapha (the three doshas) the Ayurveda allow us to specify the different constitution of the human body: Vata is the factor that promote the change, due to its intrinsic qualities, bound by space and the wind. When it is in excess the result is the hyper-stimulation.

Kapha, with the elements water and earth, feeds the doldrums, but when this is excessive the result is inertia.

Pitta, with “Agni”, the fire, has a mandate to reconcile these two factors diametrically opposed. In early childhood we find the kapha constitution, in the mature age Pitta and in elderly people Vata.

With the Dathu we find the different tissue; with the Mala, the excreta (feces, urine, sweat); with the Agni the different fires of the digestion and with Ojas the balance of the total body.

So we can study all the possibilities for the prevention of a healthy aging. By the beginning of the human civilization, the Ayurveda teaching shows that the aging is natural and is possible to treat it. With the pulse reading, the diet, the Ayurvedic care plants and the purification of the organs with panchakarma, is possible to give to the patients all that is need in the field of anti aging medicine. The most important self prevention’s method is the self reading pulse: in few minutes we can see our dosha, our dhatu and our Agni. The premise in Ayurvedic self pulse reading is that when the mind and body are aware of each other,  they can take care of each other.  This causes a self-awareness experience that naturally integrates the body and mind.  In addition, the objective experience of checking the pulse will dictate the correcting prescription required in bringing the body back into balance. So we have the possibility of a good and easy diagnosis. In this way, recognize the dosha, allow us to do a good diet and a good prevention.

The state of health is achieved through the balance of the Doshas; equilibrium of Agni; the balance of Dhatu; the balance of Mala.