The objective of this book is to create a new, female-oriented culture of health and wellness, through the attention to the specific needs of women.

According to an ISTAT survey, 42% of women take some form of pharmaceutical,  against 32.2% of men, and almost every woman would like to receive assistance to face the important hormonal changes of menopause.

This book deals with a new concept of the health and well being of women in menopause through a holistic vision of health.

It describes various aspects of the female aging process:  stress and the psychoneuroendocrinoimmunological  balance, genetic and epigenetic factors, preventative medicine, preventative medicine, nutritional factors and other aspects of  life-style and cutaneous  aging.

The proposed therapeutic intervention is concentrated on the use of integrated medicine formulated on the principles of a multidisciplinary approach and the global management of female health.


Anti Aging - Donna e menopausa

Anti Aging – Donna e menopausa
Osvaldo Sponzilli, Nicola Fratto, Ascanio Polimeni