In homeopathy, a person Antimonium crudum is overweight, greedy and think to eat constantly. This remedy has an affinity for the digestive system and skin.
Antimonium crudum is useful in reducing the desire and excessive consumption of food.

The individual Antimonium crudum is usually obese, enjoys eating and has serious digestive disorders and skin problems.
Has a constant need to eat as much, until it is completely full of feeling bad, but it never feels satisfied.
It is an individual irritable and generally sad and sometimes vulgar.
They idealize love and they are disappointed, it is displayed through the skin and responds with a tendency to overeat.
In fact there are people who have a great need for love and affection.
Prescribing greater in homeopathy is the excessive consumption of food: bulimia.
The person feels very full, with dyspeptic disorders. His burps taste like they have the same food that have ingested.
His tongue is white and is covered by a thick layer milky.
Has small blisters on the skin, especially around the mouth. The warts are hard and appear on the palms or soles of the feet. The nails are thick and hard but easily broken.
He feels worse after eating so much.
Symptoms improved with heat applications locally.
He has frequent headaches that appear at the same time, as the same digestive disorders. It prefers cold cuts and acidic foods, but these cannot digest them.
Antimonium crudum is also an excellent remedy for dermatological impetigo, hyperkeratosis (calluses or psoriasis) and warts that appear on the soles of the feet and have a shape similar to a cauliflower.

The aggravation is with cold baths, wet weather and cold, the heat radiating (sun, heater, fireplace), after eating much (pork, bread, pastry), after making use of wine or food acids (vinegar etc. ), at night (moonlight).
In the toxicology his poisoning is similar to that of arsenic. In small doses causes headaches, confusion and depression; at higher doses causes nausea and vomiting, as it acts on the vagus nerve, and leads to death within a few days.