The Argentum nitricum does not exist in the natural state, but is obtained by dissolving silver in nitric acid. In its purest form is solid, transparent and anhydrous dissolves in cold water and decomposes easily with air and light.
Argentum nitricum not prepares by trituration, but the first dynamization is made in distilled water, the second half with distilled water and half of alcohol and from the third onwards into alcohol.
Laterality classic remedy is left.
Recall that at weighers concentrations the Argentum Nitricum has a bacteriostatic action, which makes it suitable as a means of preservation.

In homeopathic medicine is used mainly for its unique characteristics on the nervous system that produces a state of imbalance: both “mental” that involves phobias, anxieties, sorrows, that “physical” manifestations of weakness, tremors, dizziness, epilepsy and ataxia.
In the patient they are observed headache, diarrhea, flatulence, stomach pain, laryngitis, migraine, prostatitis, stomatitis, tremors, stomach ulcers, dizziness. The routine use of Argentum Nitricum can bring up the symptoms which then will be mitigated by Natrum muriaticum, antidote Argentum nitricum.
The aggravation of the remedy is with the heat, in a warm room, in a closed, at night, with cold foods, sugar and sugary foods, during menstruation, for a mental exercise unusual, staying lying on the right side.
The improvement is in the open air, with cold air (wish the wind blow on the face), taking a bath in cold water, with great pressure.

The mental symptoms are characterized by anxious agitation: for the individual, time spend too quickly and is always afraid of not having time to do things, always restless and hasty, would have finished as soon begins. He has nightmares with visions of snakes, abrupt awakenings with jolts and anxiety.
Suffering from congestive headache after a long or prolonged mental excitement with feeling of expansion of the brain as if the skull would burst, better with cold air or by tightening strongly the head with both hands and with a very narrow band.

Classic Argentm nitricum symptoms are nausea after each meal with an attempt to throw up that fails; it presents regurgitation and vomiting. Diarrhea is greenish, with greenish mucus like chopped spinach, burning and fetid.
It has an emotional diarrhea before an exam or going to a meeting. The belching are burning and you have immediately after meals.
For a minimum emotion there are violent palpitation, worse on lying on the right side, with improved walking outdoors.

Complementary and Lycopodium and Thuya.

( from the:” Homeopathy Science of Individual. Di Paolo-Sponzilli. Ed. Mediterranee)