Here is a book which will certainly be useful to all those who practice auriculotherapy. Written by a medical doctor who has thought and experienced a lot in this matter, its contents provide the readers, the practitioners and/or the students with a very well documented manual.
Auriculotherapy is still very young, but it is a microsystem linked with acupuncture and, as such, backed with scientific research, belongs to the group of reflex therapies mostly recognized in the world.
I am very pleased that Dr. Osvaldo Sponsilli, whom I have known for many years and for whom I have a great esteem, has put all the results of his ideas, his experimenting and his experience in the exploration of new therapeutic possibilities.
Not every day do important publications appear on the book lists of Complementary and Alternative Medicines, but this practical method, so well described by Dr. Sponzilli, certainly deserves a prominent place on the bookshelves of auriculotherapy practitioners. It is a must in the domain of this very special but efficient reflex technique.


Baron Beyens, MD
Honorary President of ICMART