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Gianfranco Di Paolo

Doctor en medicina homeopática especializado en la antroposofía
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Osvaldo Sponzilli

Profesor Osvaldo Sponzilli cuenta con treinta y cinco años de experiencia y es una autoridad líder en Homeopatía, Acupuntura, Auricularterapia, medicina antienvejecimiento, cromoterapia,  investigación clínica en medicina no convencional, Psicoterapia Emocional y Terapia de regresión.
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Marco Lombardozzi

Graduated in Medicine at La Sapienza University in Rome, by the thesis about Homeopathic remedy, it was the first time at La Sapienza this topic was talked about. Dr. Lombardozzi is expert in Homeopathic medicine, Behavioral psychotherapy and Bioenergetic psychotherapy. He studied body language in New York under the teaching of A. Lowen and L. Hochman. He directed for years the Riza Institute of Psychosomatic medicine and wrote many articles in the Riza  magazine. Has been journalist for the Metro journal.

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