Bioidentical Hormones are substances normally presents in our bodies are responsible for regulating many if not all metabolic activities, due to specific diseases or simply a result of aging,  in our body reduced levels of these substances, just think for example in menopausal women, this fact is due in turn to a number of related disorders that can lead to disease such as: cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, depression, decreased libido, impotence, ecc.. To obviate these problems or prevent them we can use hormones, better if bioidentical,  these substances are prescribed such as galenic preparations by a doctor and compaunded in pharmacy.The hormones most commonly used in antiaging medical practice are pregnenolone and DHEA.
Pregnenolone is the precursor of all steroidal structure hormones, it‘s in turn a steroid molecule, in the body is produced in the mitochondria from cholesterol; from Pregnenolone we can obtain DHEA and from DHEA all the steroidal hormones both male and female such as testosterone, progesterone, estradiol, estriol, estron.
The dosages used for pregnenolone and DHEA ranging from 5 even up to 30 mg also 3 times a day; these are molecules of natural origin in the sense that the precursors are extracted from the leaves of a plant called  Dioscorea villosa and subsequently, by synthesis from these intermediates are obtained the bioidentical molecules.
Often to assemble the most effective formulations containing hormones the doctor request to produce sublingual tablets; this pharmaceutical form allows a better absorption of the active ingredient making more effective therapy furthermore, to make it more pleasing intake, we add  natural sweeteners such as the extract of stevia rebaudiana leaves, together with flavoring plant; to prevent the onset of allergies, it is not added in the excipients lactose and gluten derivatives.
In addition to sublingual tablets, there are several other pharmaceutical forms through which we can administer bioidentical hormones such as capsules or creams. The modern galenic preparations always are capsules of vegetable origin and always less from animal gelatin in order to reach out to religious needs and food, consider the example of people with Muslim or Hindu faith, such as vegetarians or vegans.
The recent pharmaceutical technology allows us to use the galenic gastro-resistant capsules thanks to which there is the passage of the stomach of the hormones without being attacked and demolished from the acid and digestive enzymes, the capsules break up then the intestine where the principles actives are assimilated by the body.
The hormones introduced in creams, also called emulsions, they are inserted into vesicles of small size (from 100 to 600 nanometers of diameter) to facilitate the trans-cutaneous absorption, they can be used with a dual function, the replacement systemic, the hormone is administered in this vehicle in order to induce an absorption through the skin to achieve a beneficial effect in the whole organism, or are inserted in cosmetic emulsions together with other antiaging functional to improve the characteristics of the skin, it is shown that after 30/40 years, due to a progressive decrease of hormone levels in the body including skin, alter the parameters of health of the skin to which the same tapers, loses moisture and elasticity, it is shown that the cutaneous administration of appropriate hormones allow to reset the parameters to optimal levels.
I remind you that all the products that we have been mentioned can be released in pharmacy only under prescription.

By Marco Metalla