The first morning is already an excellent time to take care of your health.
The nutritional choices can not only make us face the day in a more active and profitable , but delaying aging.

The use of vegetable drinks in place of cow’s milk, is a great choice.
Soy milk (which contains isoflavones reduce cholesterol), oats (low in calories , contains fiber , folic acid, vitamin B and E), rice (does not contain gluten , lactose and cholesterol , it is easily digestible), millet (rich of protein, B vitamins , lecithin and minerals, is highly digestible), or even almond , coconut quinoa , spelled, barley , can be found with ease.
Used by those who are intolerant to lactose or allergic to the protein in cow’s milk, are less in calories , rich in vegetable protein and iron .
Integrating drinks with berries and seeds bring us closer to the ideal breakfast .
Goji berries are antioxidants, rich in flavonoids and beta-carotene, contain amino acids , vitamins, trace elements including germanium many powerful antioxidant.
Acai berries are also powerful antioxidants , anthocyanins contain protective of arteries and capillaries.
The berries of Schisandra, toning, for the control of fatigue and stress, rich in flavonoids and vitamins, help the skin.

Chia seeds are rich in calcium , potassium, iron , vitamin C and also omega3 , help control blood sugar and weight. Flax seeds rich in essential fatty acids, proteins, minerals, vitamins B1, B2, F , control cholesterol and help the intestine .
Do not forget also walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts in small quantities are good and very useful.

Photo by  Francesca R. Versari