The hectic life , in vast areas of the planet, it has become customary .

Too much work and the reduction of hours of sleep creates damage. The delay in falling often reaches 2-3 hours after the time physiological . Women are most affected , including swings and roundabouts .

Circadian clocks regulate a wide range of cellular and physiological functions in different organisms . There are clocks in mammalian tissues for immune responses and cell cycle control .

The circadian rhythms of human skin, which is naturally exposed to strong changes day / night, and by environmental factors , have been investigated at the molecular level . E ‘ was identified a transcription factor Circadian : Krüppel -like factor – 9 ( Klf9 ) as a functional circadian clock in epidermal keratinocytes with hundreds of transcripts regulated in a diurnal / employee . Klf9 is up-regulated in cortisol and how to differentiate status / dependent. Experiments of gain and loss of function have shown strong anti-proliferative effects of Klf9 . When was inactive , there was a greater acceleration of cell division . The effect of Klf9 on cell division may be the stimulus for the development of a new type of anti- aging care .

With the aim to bring the skin ages prematurely to the rhythm of their biological clock or modify the effects of an improper life style restoring the skin to its biological rhythms .