Conium maculatum is a good homeopathic remedy for the treatment of vertigo that is worsened with head movement. It is also prescribed for sexual disorders such as impotence, premature ejaculation or excessive sexual activity.

This homeopathic medicine acts upon the genitals, the breasts and sexuality.

If it we are taking about a man – he will have erotic thoughts that he will never act upon. He can ejaculate simply by thinking about a woman.

If we are talking about a teenager – he will fail academically, and replace it with an excessive, turbulent sex life.

When do we use it?

When there is sexual abstinence, as can happen in old age, with single people, widows/widowers or religious individuals who have prolonged sexual continence.

In this case, it is prescribed to treat psychological and urogenital disorders.

In contrast, it is also prescribed when there is excessive sexual activity, with a tendency towards masturbation in men and suppression of menstruation in women.

Following a trauma to the spine, causing pain and a mild paralysis of the lower limbs.

When hypertrophy occurs after a severe blow.


These adults are prematurely aged or tired, incapable of making a mental effort and have sexual disorders. They are unhappy and have a tendency towards depression, hypochondria and introversion.

They have a tendency to sweat when they sleep.

They have an abnormal craving for salt, acidic foods and coffee. They have milk and bread intolerance. They can become very thin and even, in some cases, anorexic.

They suffer from vertigo when they turn their head to one side, when they move their eyes or even when lying down – objects appear to move around the patient’s bed.

Vertigo feels better when they close their eyes. If their legs are painful, the pain subsides when they dangle their legs. Symptoms are aggravated by a lack of sex.

They have a tendency to suffer from sclerosis or hardenings in the prostate, ovaries or breasts.

In women, their periods are usually delayed and their breasts feel heavy, painful and hard. They have ovarian hypertrophy.