Drinking too much endangers health. Patients with liver, heart or kidney problems should pay special attention.

Professor Johannes Mann reported the dangers of drinking too much in the German magazine “Apotheken Rundschau”. To be quite clear: this article is not speaking about the usual alcohol issue, that always remain a danger if you drink a lot.

Water makes us beautiful. Water is healthy. Water gives us energy. These results can be read in any article of a health magazine.

Professor Johannes Mann, director of the clinic Städtisches Klinikum München specialized in kidney disease, rheumatism and hypertension says: “The body can only release a certain amount of liquid. In normal situations, you should not drink more than three liters of fluid a day .If you drink a lot, too much water remains in the body and dilutes the blood in circulation as well as lowering the quantity of salts in the blood.”

If a certain value is exceeded, one enters a critical state. Where one can suffer serious disorders: disorientation, seizures, heart failure or death from cerebral edema.

Water intoxication
The adult body resists up to ten liters of water per day. Anything above this limit can be dangerous. Those who suffer from heart, kidney or liver disorders must pay particular attention.

With their disorders, they can not drink the same as people who do not have these problems. “Frequent advice for people with kidney disease is to drink at least three liters of water a day. Many times this is not advisable. The exception is for those who have kidney stones.”

Athletes must also be careful, especially athletes who practice endurance sports such as the marathon.

Many of these athletes drink in abundance, because they are afraid of dehydration. But often it is the opposite, “Especially thin women must be much more careful than robust men,” says Professor Mann.

A healthy dose of water
What is a healthy dose of water? “A healthy older person should drink enough water to satisfy his or her thirst. The minimum is between half a liter and a liter and three quarters.