Various studies in the far East have confirmed the anti-aging and aestehtic lifting effects of acupuncture. Acupuncture done with Korean needles stimulates the cells of the epidermis through the pulling of the extra-cellular matrix with the contraction of the fibrous component of the dermis and modification of the cytoskeleton of fibroblasts with formation of filament bands of actina that assume contracting activity. Contemporaneously a different type of needle utilized in aesthetic medicine is placed on the mimic muscles to stimulate a decontracting effect with lifting-type effects on facial muscles through the improvement of blood circulation,  nourishment of the cutis, hydration,  swelling and elasticity of the skin.

FCA improves the elasticity of the face and restores and relaxes the mimetic muscles through the insertion of needles in the muscles.

In addition, electroacupuncture in general stimulates the cytochine system and reduces the chronic inflammation typical of aging.  Experimentation conducted at the Anti-aging Medicine and Acupucture department of the Ospedale San Pietro FBF in Rome has confirmed the validity of this method in a paper presented at the SIME Congress in Rome in 2014.  Results were  from good to excellent both photographically as well as auto-evaluation of the elasticity of the face.   The most common side-effect, although rare,  was a slight bruising at the site of the needle insertion.