“Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food” (Hippocrates)

Food and Health? Often a combination forgotten.
This interdependence does not always like us. Sometimes it does not agree: it could mean to put into question and overturn our habits.
The truth is known (“we are also what we eat”), but, at any age, we tend to take off responsibility for speed, convenience, laziness, habit, deceptive messages .
Instead it is important to be informed about the work of those who do research, analyses, studies: it also serves to remind us that each of us must be responsible for their own health, their own way of life, that is the diet.
In coalition with the doctor.

This is the meaning of this conference – on 13 and 14 November next – At the San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital (Via Cassia 600-00189 Rome):

“Food Supply and Integration in Anti Aging Medicine”: a conference to talk about the key link between the aging process and power.

Scientific Committee: Pietro Alimonti, Maurizio Cassol, Giovanni F. Di Paolo, Osvaldo Sponzilli

Organizing Committee: Pietro Aliberti, Giovanni F. Di Paolo, Osvaldo Sponzilli

Secretariat ECM / For telephone bookings: Francesco Drago

San Pietro Fatebenefratelli Hospital, Via Cassia 600-00189 Rome


Ambulatory of Anti-Aging Medicine, Homeopathy and Acupuncture San Pietro Hospital FBF Rome

On Friday, November 13, 2015

from 10:00 to 13:00 Seminar with free admission, pre-registration by mail: csocap@tiscali.it

MUSCLE, BONE, FAT AND AGING: Impact of food in body composition

09:45 – registration of participants

10:00 – start of the seminar

  •  Gaining and losing weight: the complexity of the phenomenon
  •  Why change the Body Composition: Performance psychophysics, health, lifestyle, nutrition, diseases and disorders
  •  The role of the muscle
  •  The role of Visceral Fat: AAT
  •  The role dell’IMAT: Adipose Tissue Intramuscular
  •  glycemic load of foods and PRAL
  •  Syndrome obesity osteosarcopenica

13:00 – end of the seminar and certificate

Rapporteur: Dario Boschiero: Research and Development BioTekna, Founder and Coordinator of the project “MUS, vague and non-specific symptoms, chronic inflammation and clinical nutrition”, President of the Open Academy of Medicine

from 14:00 to 19:00, moderators: Elena Galli and Nicholas Fratto

14:00 Peter Alimonti: Opening conference

14:20 Nicholas Fratto: “Food styles in comparison”

14:40 Diego Cardani: “protective role of the association of bovine colostrum and Morinda citrifolia in inflammatory bowel behind the decline of digestive function in the elderly”

15:00 George Crucitti: The food: medicine or poison?

15:20 Stefano Scoglio “new studies on alga Klamath dried cold and its extracts clinically tested.”


16:00 Maurizio Salamone: “bioactive substances with anti-inflammatory and anti-aging: efficacy and bioavailability”

16:20 Salvatore Bardaro: “nerve growth factor and metabolic syndrome: new version of the gut-brain axis passing through the mouth”

16:40 Francesco Siccardi: Klamat microalgae (blue tonic) as key ally to restore the permeability and intestinal function and return the youth.

17:00 Carlo Delucca – contrast the aging process a tablespoon of aloe at a time.

17:20 Maurizio Di Leo: chlorophyll: a particular food as an anti-aging

17:40 Giuseppe D’Ambrosio: phytoterapeutic approach to maintenance of body weight

On Saturday, November 14, 2015

Session with credit ecm

08:30 Registration participants

Moderator: Maurizio Cassol, Pietro Alimonti, Osvaldo Sponzilli

09:00 Silvana Becker with video interview with T. Colin Campbell:

food shortages in the excess of food – from scientific research to clinical experience.

09:30 Isabel Lopera (Spain): diet, aging and food supplements.

9:50 Michela De Petris: natural food and wellness: scientific and practical information

10:10  –  10:30 Compare / debate

10.30  –  11.00 Break

11:00  –  12:30 moderator Anna La Rosa

11:00 Osvaldo Sponzilli: universal nature nurse

11:10 Giovanni Gasbarrini: intestinal microbiota: features and functions at different ages

11:20 Alessandro Pinto: supply and aging

11:30 Giovanni F. Di Paolo: the centrality of food in Vitruvian Man

11:40 Massimo Fioranelli: nutrition and cardiovascular disease.

11:50 13:00 Round Table with speakers, leads Anna La Rosa

13.00 lunch

14:30 • 15:30 roundtable with Luciano Ragno: Wild Strawberries: how to deal with the old power with: Mandatori M., P. Alimonti, Bergeretto L., M. Lopera, N.Fratto, F. Guerrini, O. Sponzilli

15:30 16:00 Questionnaire verification ECM

16:00 Closing remarks

16:00  – 17:30 cooking raw food / vegan: theoretical and practical presentation by Laura Fiandra e Marina Pucello