Older women who develop a greater satisfaction with life have a higher bone density of their peers in dissatisfaction.
This shows that more and more weight is taking the idea of happiness as a natural anti aging!
The study was carried out by the Research on the study of osteoporosis University of Eastern Finland, Kuopio, which began in 1989 and included 2,167 women who underwent a femoral BMD in 1999 and 1147 which have participated in the assessment follow-up 10 years later, in 2009.
The researchers measured life satisfaction through a 4-point scale in the area of interest and ease of life, happiness, and loneliness. Based on the responses, the women were divided into a group satisfied, a core group, and a group dissatisfied. In people whose life satisfaction had deteriorated, bone density was decreased by 85% compared to individuals whose life satisfaction was better.
It is thought that the suggested method of investigation is related to depression and chronic stress, which stimulates the secretion of cortisol and catecholamines, resulting in bone loss.
In addition, increased levels of markers of bone resorption and pro inflammaging cytokines were found in depression.