The Barium Carbonate is the same group of Calcium and it is important to reverse the damage that often results in the accumulation of calcium in the elderly. The metabolic slowdown, the hyporeactivity, but also deposits calcium level in the vascular system and in the organs are typical of advanced age when the organism, for the cessation of the proper functioning of the parathyroid glands and all other facilities devoted to the regulation of calcium metabolism (thyroid, kidney), tends to manage bad availability calcium, impoverishing the bones and accumulating it in the soft tissues (arteries, joints, nervous tissue, endocrine glands, etc.).
The clinical picture of Baryta is characterized by the expression of metabolic disruption described in the chemical and physical properties: it has a deep and slow on the body that is manifested by circulatory disorders (hypertension) and a marked tendency to hypertrophy and the hardening glandular and ganglion (precancerous condition).
So we will have a shutdown of the physical and intellectual development: children have an aspect of mental retardation; there is a state of physical and mental fatigue in adults and older with or without paralysis. You can submit pictures of cardiovascular aneurysm, aortitis, arteriosclerosis, tumours and adenoid vegetations.
Homoeopathically is worsening with minimal cold, after eating, lying down on the left side, thinking of his own illness.
The improvement is achieved with the cold air (headache).
The general physical symptoms are characterized by being very sensitive to cold, but the headache compression improves with cold air. It has a feeling of cobweb on the face and a heaviness in the upper eyelids.
The mental symptoms are very important: the patient Baryta is totally lacking in confidence, afraid of everything, especially of strangers. It has a memory leak that occurs in children easily forget the recommendations and reprimands, he lacks focus, making it difficult to train him, while the adult forgets the topography of the neighbourhood where he lives and is lost in the streets who attends regularly which explains why these people get lost in the streets who know; elder instead has forgotten everything, proper names and certain words usual.
The adult and the elderly are the atherosclerotic hypertension, that go into a state of physical and mental impairment.
Also it is very easy to the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s. There are disorders of intelligence with understanding difficult, mental confusion and intellectual deficit.
In the far cephalic there is a painful sensitivity of the plant and the toes, with fetid sweat of the feet. In the elderly occur paralysis and hardening of the tongue.
They have big and hard abdomen slimming with the rest of the body, a persistent constipation and hard stools and insufficient. Haemorrhoids are painful and burning and come out when the patient defecates or urine.
In the night show a salivation and the patient sleeps with his mouth open, with saliva dripping on the pillow. Dry mouth in the morning. Palpitations are frequent, worse on lying on the left side and improves with movement. The slightest movement tired and sick to want to sleep. There is ease arterial hypertension.
Usually is recommended in elderly with hypertension and loss of memory in 30 CH.
(by the book: Homeopathy Science oh Human Being. Di Paolo and Sponzilli. Ed. Mediterranee)