The scientist is in constant search. The search is never ending and it is urgent a new burst of creativity and innovation on the part of scientists and physicians of all specialties. The public health problems of today and tomorrow are immense and, to meet them, we must open our cooperation with other disciplines, other schools of thought. In truth, we can even speak, in some areas, of intellectual castration or at least conformism. This necessitates a debate right now, a spirit of openness that allows to leave space for the most revolutionary ideas. There isn't, in my opinion, a medicine called "official" and a second-degree medicine called "alternative" or "integrative", but only one, the one that heals! The book by Giovanni Francesco Di Paolo and Osvaldo Sponzilli brings a valuable reflection on medical science and is a very useful tool for empowerment and patient information. Happy reading Luc Montagnier Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008