Among the factors that influence the aging process, the progressive decline of hormone production should be noted and, in particular, the loss of harmony that is created in various endocrine axes.

This phenomenon starts at the age of 35 years with the decline in production of sex hormones (meno/andropause), GH (somatopause), melatonin (pinealopause), DHEA (adrenopause) and thyroid hormones (thyreopause) and it is at this age we should start to care for ourselves and prepare to slow down the decline.

All these lead to hormonal pauses with slow morphological transformations with loss of adipose deposits in facial aesthetics and gravitational falling of many structures with slow accentuation of nasolabial folds, dark circles, bags, accentuation of the so-called puppet: folds lateral to the lips that outline the chin.

Today and especially with gene profile analysis of weight control, diabetic tendency, glycation, inflammation indices, Methylation, oxidative stress evaluation, cardiogenomics and neurogenomics a very useful prevention can be implemented. It is always important to evaluate insulin resistance and inflammation indexes.