There are four basic remedies for hunger at night, according to how it is manifested

Lycopodium clavatum: Liver disorders are in the foreground (liver failure). The Lycopodium individual generally has ravenous hunger but is calmed down quickly, only after eating a few bites. He/She also wakes up at night with a feeling of weakness and hunger. Indigestion, feeling of fullness after eating, belching and heartburn, abdominal distention with much gas. Chronic constipation with ineffective bowel movement. A life cerebrally active but sedentary is generally the origin of this disorder.

Petroleum: Petroleum has digestive and skin disorders. Dizziness when traveling by car, boat or train, occipital headache, nausea, malaise that improves temporarily after eating and diarrhea only during the day, especially after eating cabbage or sauerkraut. The Petroleum individual is hunger in two particular circumstances: immediately after the evacuation (Aloe: hunger during evacuation) and at night. One must get up and eat.

Natrum carb: Natrum carb hunger occurs at 5 am and 11 pm. It is associated with a feeling of emptiness in the stomach which forces the person to eat. There is an aversion to milk that produces diarrhea. Natrum carb is a remedy of acid dyspepsia with belching, vomiting, flatulence, yellowish stool diarrhea, especially after eating legumes.

Psorinum: Voracious hunger, especially at night. The individual must get up to eat. He/She is disgusted by pork and potatoes, belching acid that tastes like rotten eggs and, at times, imperious, brownish, fetid diarrhea between 1 am and 4 am. Hunger plays an important role in the pathogenesis of Psorinum who often suffers from periodic headaches and migraines during which the individual is hungry. By eating the headaches subside. Psorinum is characterized by being extremely chilly or cold as well as various eliminations: headaches, neuralgia, asthma, rashes that returning incessantly or that alternate.