The majority of chronic degenerative diseases depends on a bad state of the intestine. In particular, the abuse of refined sugar, that favors the proliferation of intestinal bacteria, in particular, coliforms, very active in the production of enzymes, which may facilitate the transformation of pre-carcinogens elements present in food in active carcinogens.
The excessive consumption of meat can cause intestinal putrefaction reactions resulting in the formation of amines, extremely toxic substances. The abuse of saturated animal fats change the intestinal flora, increasing the percentage of bacteria that tend to turn the bile salts in carcinogens. They can also make the intestinal wall more porous and permeable to the bacteria that is present.
In this environment intestinal flora acidophilus decreases and thus the natural barrier against microbial decomposition of foods fails; the cell membrane becomes more permeable, it lets a greater number of bacteria and toxic substances into the bloodstream through.
Thus It is much easier that the organism weakens and leads to pathologies as well as chronic diseases. Also it is important to also have a regular daily bowel movement, to deal with a slow transit and consequent decrease in lactobacilli (acidic intestinal flora) and an increase in pathogenic bacteria. Therefore it is important to keep the intestinal environment as intact as possible. Depending on personal needs, the Dr. Kousmine suggests the use of two techniques to keep the intestine “clean” – the technique of enemas and the technique of colonic irrigation. The 1st technique involves the rectal introduction of approximately 2 liters of chamomile tea at a temperature of 35-37°, accompanied by abdominal massage. After evacuating the liquid, 4 tablespoons of cold-pressed sunflower oil, brought to the temperature of 35-37° must be introduced, preferably in the evening which will then be eliminated the morning after. The technique of irrigation of the colon consists of an enema with water at room temperature throughout the colon through a two-circuit cannula, one for the access of the water and one for outlet. This operation takes about 1 hour, cleans and detoxifies the intestine mucosa, removing all the waste that is present (the frequency of the use of this technique varies according to needs).