Delusions of being under superhuman control.
Great loquacity, even to the point of eloquence.
Irrational loquacity, skipping from one subject to another, passing later to slow difficult speech, drowsy delirium and drooping jaw.
Self-consciousness, great conceit, envy, hatred and jealousy.
Impulsive insanity; suicidal mood.
Imagines himself dead, and thinks preparations are being made for funeral.
Frightful headache and though head would burst.
Blowing expiration or breath; cannot bear the back of the neck to be touched.
Apoplexy following mental, emotional disturbance.
Vertigo, throbbing and pain in the temples, pale face.
Tongue feels swollen; is protruded with difficulty and trembles.
Throat dry and sore, feeling of lump in throat, which descends on swallowing and then returns.
Great difficulty in swallowing.
Purple bloated face with heart disease.
Aggravation of condition during or after sleep (heart).
Pit of stomach painful to touch; patient wears clothes loose to avoid pressure.
Catarrh of bladder, stitches from kidney down ureters, urine very dark, urging and burning.