“The Market sniffed in our desperate need of love, the opportunity for huge gains”. (Z. Bauman)
Globalization created a mechanism, for that, cause the consumption and entertainment, people become addicted on need of consume and fun, because, for a very short time, they can fill the emptiness coming from the unsatisfied need of love. But this kind of emptiness can’t be filled, obviously, and so they must go on to consume , and go on, and go on. Living in a neverending racing race that create unhappiness. Keeping young has not to do only with physycal look, but getting out also from the spell created from consumerism to feed its own gains, exploiting the enormous need of love of the human being, in an age where the aridity of the system based only on finance, dryed deep values that really feed, give love and let feel young inside.

Marco Lombardozzi