Phosphoricum acidum is a remedy for the treatment of depression caused by grief or stress, hair loss due to overwork and adolescent and adult intellectual exhaustion.

The cause of depression is prolonged grief which provokes weakness, especially at an emotive, physical or mental level.
Those affected by Phosphoricum acidum suffer their depression, emotional indifference, apathy and loneliness in silence.

A slender constitution is a subject that grew rapidly who tends to have bone growth disorders, painless diarrhea and phosphor-calcic loss.

Phosphoricum acidum may step in following a debilitating illness involving acute loss of liquid (sweating, diarrhea), with slow recovery and long convalescence.

It is also used for the treatment of growing pains in children or for disorders of bone mineralization.

When should phosporic acid be prescribed?

When the patient goes from being full of energy and active to a state of emotional, psychological and physical weakness. He/She tires easily. What can be the origin of this general weakness? A concern extended in time kept in the innermost reserve.

The individual is asthenic, indifferent, depressed, sad, melancholic, withdrawn and reserved
Daytime sleepiness, heavy sweating, urine may be colorless or milky with fresh fruit odor.
Strong feeling of heaviness in the head. Sensory hypersensitivity.
Frequent sensitivity of the periosteum with pain in the longer bones especially during adolescence.
Possible alopecia, visual disturbances, headache, sweating, sexual indifference, impotence and premature ejaculation. The mucous membranes are dry, especially the nose, eyes and mouth.
Fatigue nervosoaper intellectual overload.
Headache during a period of heavy study and concentration.