A cup of blueberries, a maqui extract or a purple corn concentrate may prove to work even better than certain famous anti-inflammatory drugs, in a natural and colourful fashion. Their effects are also oriented to the control of the aging-process due to the relevant action on many cytokines and to the reduced production of Oxigen Reactive Species, but also to the reduction of insulin resistance. Many fruits and vegetables are rich of polyphenols and other active substances, useful in getting this kind of results.

Relevant roles of Quercetin have been discovered, such as the ability to inhibit and modulate certain inflammatory pathways, while natural polyphenols confirmed the strength of their potent actions, like the ones shown by cocoa, for example, able to contrast the onset of cardiovascular diseases-specific markers (Nasiruddin K et al, Nutrients 2014, 6(2), 844-880; doi:10.3390/nu6020844).

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Attilio Francesco Speciani MD – GEK srl
Clinical Immunologist and Allergy Specialist