It was in December 2013 Prof. Liu of the Institute of Food Science & Technology Fuzhou University in China , published a work on the prebiotic effects of almonds and almond skins on intestinal macrobiotic in humans. The intake of almonds with their skin , in this study , has been shown to improve the intestinal bacterial composition , with an increase of factors prebiotics and probiotics are useful to our health, and a reduction of harmful elements .
The experiment was carried out on 48 healthy volunteers who received 56 g of roasted almonds and peel 10 grams of almonds a day for 6 weeks. Stool samples examined have shown an increase of Bifidobacterium spp . and Lactobacillus spp . and repression in the growth of pathogens such as Colostrum perfringens . The improvements of the intestinal microbiota have produced a significant increase in the activity of bacterial enzymes , in particular the activities of ” β – galactosidase .

The health of the 400 species of bacteria that live with us inside the intestine is crucial, not only to prevent colitis and constipation, but to improve the immune capacity of the body.

Yes but with almonds with the skin !

The image is a watercolor by BRUNA MILANI