Actaea racemosa: incessant loquacity. Speaks in a inconsistent and confusing manner. Feeling as if the head is surrounded by a thick cloud making everything confusing and obscure. Very emotional, afraid of everything, afraid of becoming insane following the incoherence of thoughts coming up in the brain that is perpetually over-excited. Occipital headache.
Cannabis indica: incoherent talkativeness. Tendency to exaltation. Begins a sentence and forgets what he wants to say. Too many ideas in the brain. Everything seems to take on a considerable size: minutes seem centuries, a few meters seem kilometers.
Lachesis: outstanding loquacity that worsens at night. The subject remains awake long at night and cannot keep from talking. He speaks animatedly and hastily and jumps from one idea to another. Incoherence of thought. Religious mania. Restless sleep, dreams of the death of relatives or friends or even his own death. Always feels worse after sleeping. Hot flashes. Cannot stand a necklace or a belt. Feeling as if the eyes are being pulled back in. Menopause.
Paris quadrifolia: outburst loquacity that last from half an hour to an hour. Speaks incoherently constantly changing the topic, speaks even if alone. Feeling as if the eyes are being pulled back by a thread. Bewildered look, prominent eyes, sensation as if the eyeball is too large for the socket. Numbness in the fingers. Coccygeal Neuralgia. Right side of the body cold, the left side hot.

From “Omeopatia scienza dell’ individuo” (Homepathy Science of the Individual), Edizioni Mediterranee, authors Sponzilli, Di Paolo.