Anacardium: Memory loss is abrupt. It can be found in the elderly or persons who are over-fatigued, nervous. Students cannot bear any form of mental activity because it immediately produces a pensive orbital headache that, however, improves with eating. Anacardium mental, nervous or even gastric disorders always improve with rest.
Baryta carbonica: Memory loss can affect children who are unable to fix their attention, they forget any recommendation, whose training and education are impossible. In adults and the elderly memory loss is relevant to their names, some common use words, the topography of a neighborhood, which explains why they get lost in the streets they know well. In children, this memory loss is related to mental development delay. The child is generally weak, with slight delay of mental and physical development, and hypertrophy of adenoid tissues, tonsils and lymph nodes. The adult and the elderly are arteriosclerosis in hypertension that leads to a state of physical and mental weakening.
Colibacillinum: Loss of short term memory in patients suffering from intestinal colibacillosis or genitourinary infection. The subject is unable to remember what they are reading or listening to. In addition, they often use, during conversation, one word for another.
Lycopodium: It is very particular memory loss. The subject does not find the right words to express himself/herself: confusing words, syllables. When writing he/she forgets letters, words. It is generally a fatigued individual, who works with difficulty, extremely irritable, speaks vehemently, outbursts of anger and cerebral difficulties are disturbing and reflect the poor state of the liver and kidneys. Marked liver failure with increased blood urea. Gall and kidney stones.
Sulphur: It is an autointoxicated that badly eliminates toxins until its remedy has not taken root. General autointoxication which manifests itself through the loss of memory, great physical and mental fatigue, particularly in the morning, especially if one must remain standing for a long time, with insomnia or light sleep, headaches, indigestion, burning sensation of the feet that forces one to look for a cool place in bed at night and rashes that worsen with heat and washing.

From “Omeopatia scienza dell’ individuo” (Homepathy Science of the Individual), Edizioni Mediterranee, authors Sponzilli, Di Paolo.