There are several studies on the raw food and vegan primarily for the treatment of degenerative diseases and to retard aging. Moreover, it was always focused on the use of fruits and vegetables as the best anti -aging . The greenhouse cultivation has become increasingly popular, in order to have all year round on the table even out of season products . To try to increase production many farmers, in the last 50 years, have used chemical fertilizers instead of natural, always observe more delicate species, preservatives used, to be able to amass surplus materials in cold storage, using the products for several months after their harvest. Many qualities of fruits and vegetables have disappeared, because they had a low production yield. Believing that improve productivity have practiced plowing deeper and deeper, and as a result has made ​​massive use of herbicides. The consequence of all this is that the nutrients of fruits and vegetables and vitamins have been reduced by at least 30 % compared to the products of 40 years ago. To remedy these shortcomings, the chemical industry has investigated a number of substances called ” supplements ” that are very fashionable. Returning to natural systems, today the resource more effective and safer to integrate our foods with nutrients is taken daily fresh organic foods and raw , then ” alive.”
The foods “alive” for excellence are the shoots . In addition to soy, there are over forty types of shoots, all nutrients, some of which are very tasty, appetizing, cheerful, colorful and beautiful (to be presented on the table, much to the delight of the eyes and the palate ). Eating sprouts daily means making a full of nutrients of all kinds. Their content consists of: vegetable proteins that are readily bioavailable, already divided into their basic elements: amino acids , vitamins ( needed for the absorption of amino acids ). There are all kinds of vitamins, including B12, minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll, enzymes. The quality and duration of life is directly proportional to the amount of enzyme available in our body. Here are some characteristics of some sprouts: alfalfa , is recommended for the elderly, children, convalescents and athletes who face efforts as they are the only shoots that contain all the essential amino acids and many non-essential . The hay greek is very used by people who have a poor blood circulation , by athletes who want to improve the oxygenation of their blood without the use of synthetic products prohibited. The lentils are rich in iron in a form very similar and are extremely indicated in the diet of people with deficiency of this essential mineral . Can we really say that the sprouts are very ” anti-aging ” !