The human body has to fit, with the approach of spring, the season of great impact and transformation, into physiological changes; on short days and cold switching to days getting longer and sunny. This sets in motion the rise of neurotransmitters that activate metabolism, such as serotonin and dopamine, decrease in melatonin and operation of its secreting gland, the pineal; the activity of the thyroid increased and the adrenal glands secrete more cortisol.
Metabolism increases and speeds up the work of the liver that “melting” fatter leads to a greater spread circulation of toxins, such as to engage the kidneys and skin.
Serotonin and melatonin most influence sleep and mood, and it is for this reason that in this period we see very easily to an increase in irritability and insomnia, with the emergence, in some cases, of a real “depression spring.”
The tension, fatigue and apathy are above the main effects of hyper-cortisol levels, sometimes accompanied by difficulty concentrating and loss of appetite.
The adaptogenic response of the organism to this “stress” involves a complex response that if not properly corrected with a good lifestyle and natural remedies, can worsen the situation with a chronic inflammatory cascade that involves on damage to the cardiovascular, immune and metabolism system.
Our whole body moves from a situation of “lethargy-accumulation”, to an “expansion-hypermetabolic.”
People most susceptible are those who suffer by metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance or with pathological implications controlled by drug therapy, especially cardiac or metabolic diseases (diabetes, high cholesterol, gout …). In addition, the extreme age groups such as children or the elderly.
We always remember that you exit from a season like winter, where the food overload, especially on the Christmas period, with protein and hyperlipidemic foods, can be heard at this time. It then determines a state of systemic acidosis that must be countered by an alkalizing diet.
The most adequate and suited to these disorders is primarily a sport light, like an hour a day of walking, and healthy eating and hypocaloric: prefer more meals split up over the day, consisting of fresh vegetables and fruits, both seasonal, vegetables or pasta with light sauces, always with raw oil; decrease especially foods with heavy sauces or gravies, meats, dairy products, sugary drinks, salty foods.
Prefer centrifuged to alcoholic beverages, but insist especially with the water, the only “weapon” drainage more effective and safer!
The intake of foods rich in tryptophan, such as radicchio, carbohydrates, grains and supplements of Magnesium and Taurine, will help to better tackle the snares of nervous tension and related insomnia.
The therapeutic action can be implemented through various routes: with medicinal plants such as burdock, violet and earth smoke which have a specific and direct action on skin tissues, artichoke, dandelion and milk thistle, electives on the different constituents of the liver parenchyma, the hawkweed, the goldenrods, horsetail, birch and barberry, which determine with their action through support and diuresis, a contribution of the renal balance; wood sorrel and turmeric to the streets bile.
Although homeopathic remedies are to be provided with the support of the simillimum of the patient, we can recommend to combat digestive ailments due to the hectic life and power of hit and run, Nux Vomica 6CH or for malfunctioning biliary disorders, Chelidonium 6CH.
Ayurvedic medicine also can be supported; the best advice comes from the ancient Indian medicine: the Triphala, which if taken, give force and energy.