The original scientific term, “striae distensae” was used by Roderer, who first described it in 1773, but it was only in 1867 when Koestner explained from a histological point of view when he emphasized the atrophy of the basic substance and fibrous component, and coined the name “striae atrophicae”.

Clinical classification


There are various stages in the formation of stretch marks:

  1. Stria pink-red inflammatory phase
  2. White Stria no palpable depression
  3. White Stria with palpable depression
  4. Stria with white skin creased less than 1 cm in width with palpable depression
  5. Stria color with pearly skin creased less than 1 cm in width with palpable depression
  6. Stria or pearly white with wrinkled skin more than 1 cm in width with palpable depression.

How they form:

  • due to a hormonal biochemical factor (hypercortisolism)
  • due to a mechanical factor of stretching (puberty, pregnancy, obesity, physical activity)
  • due to a genetic and ethnic factor


Prevention is prepared with topical-based phyto (blackcurrant, bowselico acid, red currant) amino acid, elastin, collagen, vitamins, retinoic acid, aha.

Methods used on stretch marks that have already formed

  • Peeling with TCA or retinoic acid
  • Chrome peel is a preparation consisting of lactic acid, salicylic acid and resorcinol.
  • Bio-stimulation with dermaroller
  • Dermabrasion whose purpose is to smooth the skin and can be coupled with a chemical treatment with TCA
  • CO2 laser that works by vaporizing tissue. It not only eliminates the most superficial layers but it is also able to determine an important contraction of the collagen and elastic fibers in the dermis and therefore make the skin much more toned with a lifting effect. It was also demonstrated that it stimulated an abundant production of collagen. In contrast the post-operative period is quite demanding and the redness that follows persists for quite a while, for about 3 months.

During the same session more than one stretch mark can be treated as long as they are very superficial, otherwise it is necessary to repeat the sessions. The duration and frequency of sessions will vary according to the size, intensity and severity of the stretch marks. Immediately after surgery on the treated skin area, medicated gauzes will be applied for 8 -10 days. In addition, at home creams will be applied for long periods that will improve the microcirculation.