There are three homeopathic remedies that with varied modes that represent this situation

Digitalis: Falling asleep breathing stops, one cannot sleep because he wakes up with suffocation and anxiety. Weakness upon waking, standing up, with tremors and slow pulse. A sensation as if one’s heart is stopping abruptly, movement makes it worse.

Grindelia: Choking as soon as one falls asleep, wakes up with a start, panting, the individual must sit up in order to breathe. Oppression with viscous phlegm gives relief. Sharp pain in the region of the spleen and that radiates to the hips. Asthma and chronic bronchitis.

Lachesis: Suffocation as soon as one falls asleep. The subject abruptly rejects everything that is near him and throws it away to grasp air, he wants to be fanned, slowly and at a distance. He needs to take deep breaths often. He cannot bear nor stand the slightest constriction around his neck and waist. Everything improves during and after menstruation. It is characteristic of menopause and some infectious states.