The botanical origin is that of conifers and its common name is both “White Cedar” that “Tree of Life”.

The habitat is both in Europe and in America.

Its essential components are oil, alpha-thujone, terpenes, wax, ketones, tannins, sugars.

The allopathic therapeutic properties are both for internal use as a diaphoretic, expectorant, diuretic, anthelmintic. It’s stimulating sweating and urinary excretion. According to Leclerc diuretic action it is due to a direct influence on the epithelium kidney. It has a tonic action at the level of the urinary bladder and the skin and mucous.

For external use the essential oil has insecticidal and anthelmintic properties. The strong toxicity of the essence contraindicates its internal use in concentrated form.

The alpha-thujone is toxic and irritant. Its ingestion causes gastroenteritis, diarrhoea, stomach bleeding, degeneration of the liver tissue and kidney. It has abortive effect.

The homeopathic therapeutic properties are principally a profound action on disorders resulting from infection blenorragica and repeated vaccinations, objectively manifested by the appearance of benign or malignant tumours.

In fact, the clinic Thuya is aimed at all ages. During the growth, the child hereditary-blenorragico (sycosis) or that has undergone several vaccinations. At the time of return of age, when developing a pre-cancerous. The sick Thuya is generally a hydrogen-and presents objective manifestations net: face shiny and greasy, varicosities on the fins of the nose, creases of the nose very marked and greasy lip colour livid with transverse white line on the lower lip, as if the patient had drank milk, temporal arteries visible, greasy hair, full of dandruff, cold and slimy hands, sweat smell of leek soup. Corpulent people that are greased, especially the hips and buttocks, after delivery or abortion or gonorrhoea. Sick saturated sulfur or mercury.

The aggravation is at night, with the warmth of the bed, after three in the morning and three in the afternoon, with the cold, the humidity, after lunch, with coffee, vaccinations and narcotics.

The improvement is stretching his limbs.

The laterality is to the left.

The mental symptoms are fundamentally bad mood and sadness with an unusual emotional, in fact crying while listening to music (as in Natrum mur, Graphites). Has fixed ideas: he believes that a stranger is at his side (as in Petroleum), in the street that someone follows or walk to his side, does not want to approach him, thinks his body is fragile glass, and that the slightest bump can break it, to feel something alive moving in the belly (as in Crocus). Fixed idea of ​​being pregnant, pregnancy nervous (as in Nux moschata). Sleep is restless, troubled by bad dreams, with waking at 4 am. Does everything to appear polite and courteous, his self-control is very palpable, try everything to be seen mild, quiet, reserved, humble. It was intense anxiety to control the state of his guilt and that no one will find out. Anxious to defend his honour.

Headache is very painful with sensation as if a nail were driven in small strokes in the frontal region (as in Ignatia) and worsens with heat, after sexual excesses, it improves walking outdoors. Facial neuralgia in tea drinkers (like Selenium).

(From “Homeopathy Science of the Individual” Di Paolo and Sponzilli, Ed Mediterranee)