A person introducing 1,200 calories (as in a standard low-calorie diet), eating them all together in a dish made up of carbohydrates, only for dinner, could probably accumulate fat.

The same person, eating a meal of 1,000 calories, well balanced between protein, carbohydrates, grains and fruit during breakfast, and adding another 500 or 600 calories for lunch or dinner (thus using more calories than foreseen), always maintaining balanced relations between foods, instead receive a signal of metabolic activation, and if he had excess fat he would consume it, without going hungry.

Managing intelligently metabolic signals, the various situations that the body recognizes as alarm indicators, meal times, inflammation generated by food and other factors as well as many other “messages”, one may finally achieve and maintain his/her form, in a much more incisive manner than exclusively through counting calories.

by Attilio Speciani from Eurosalus