Osvaldo Sponzilli, anti aging medicine, homeopathy and acupuncture medical director on Fatebenefratelli Hospital in Rome answer to the critical Australian review about ineffectiveness of homeopathic medicine published on many journals today. The ratio of the Australian National Health and Medical Research affirm that does not exist a reliable evidence of the effectiveness of this placebo medicine.

Following Sponzilli “is very specious this Australian report: evidently this a a media campaign conducted in Australia and is implementing against Homeopathic Medicine. The ratio of the Australian National Health and Medical Research according whose disease does not exist so there is a reliable evidence of the effectiveness of the placebo. Our homeopathic experience come from hundred years of medical prescription in all the world. According the base of clinical results, I can say that homeopathic medicinal drugs are effective, safe and useful not only in disorders ” minor “, but also in chronic conditions, relapsing and important; over all when disorders are often not been solved from medicine so-called “official”. Many of patients with chronic conditions come to homeopathy after getting experienced the ineffectiveness of cure classic and a good percentage of cases are, through a proper homeopathic treatment, resolutive to their disorders. We must bear in mind that in many trials, artfully constructed against homeopathy, are not called to work together doctors homeopaths.
There are thousands of studies confirm the efficacy of Homeopathic medicine: the authors of this report criticize the quality of the homeopathic studies and to conclude that there is a total absence of evidence. But the authors’ conclusions are totally subjective, so for me this work has no scientific value.
We should really investigate how it was done this report before giving news of this kind“.