Four main remedies:

Natrum muriaticum: Equivalent to tuberculin demineralized. Labial herpes, herpes around the anus, herpes on the scalp. Dry and crusty eczema on the scalp, behind the ears, in the folds of the flexion crease. Worse by the sea, and after exposure to the sun. Greasy skin, unhealthy. Rash with itching and burning.

Pulsatilla: Acne during puberty. Rash after pork or salami indigestion. Itching that worsens in the evening and at night, from the warmth of the bed, with insomnia. It is particularly suited for the treatment of tuberculin, whose venous congestion (chills, cyanosis of the extremities) and habitual eliminations (yellowish discharge, thick, non-irritating) express well the intoxication.

Pulsatilla is a drainage medication, important for all states of tuberculin, is often indicated to in terminal periods of the acute conditions and contributes, with Sulphur, to ensure the patient a fast recovery, no recurrence.

Silica: Cold feet and always humid, sweaty, fetid, with an intolerable odor, excoriated. Pale, ashen, wrinkled, unhealthy skin. Every little wound festers (Graphites, Hepar Sulfur, Mercurius, Petroleum). Old ulcerations with persistent fistulae with high and spongy edges with burning and stabbing pains.

Sulphur: Autointoxication (characteristic of Psora Miasm). Burning skin with itchy rashes. Unhealthy skin. Every little wound has a tendency to fester. Blackheads and comedones on the forehead, nose and chin. Acne on the face and back. Furunculosis resistant. Unpleasant skin odor. Irritating sweat.