Homeopathy is now legal in Sweden

Homeopathy had been declared illegal in Sweden after a doctor was found guilty of administering a homeopathic treatment to a patient. The Supreme Court reversed this sentence ( N° 6634-10).  The judges determined that the doctor had acted in the best interests of his patient and administered  treatment accordingly.  Following this sentence doctors and pharmacists in Sweden are now free to take and give courses in homeopathy.  Cornelia Bajic, the president of the German association of homeopathic medicine, considers the decision of the Swedish court a step forward in the acceptance of homeopathic medicine worldwide.

Many governments already officially recognize homeopathy as a medical treatment.  In Latin America, Brazil, Chile, Columbia, Cuba, Ecuador and Mexico.  In Asia, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.  In Europe, Belgium, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Great Britain.

Brussels: The European Parliament has invested 2 million Euros in a study on veterinarian homeopathy.

This has created two different groups:  those for and those against this study.  The pilot project is to gather all available results of the research done until now on the use of homeopathy in animal husbandry.  This procedure was heavily criticized by Ben Goldacre in the daily New Europe, on the basis that it wasn’t a normal experimentation but an editing of existing literature.  Goldacre is the author of the book Bad Science, that has sold over 300,000 copies in 18 countries.

An article of the Daily Mail reports the interview to British parliamentary Richard Ashworth, who claimed to be disgusted by the investment, defining it a “shame” and an “insult to taxpayers”.  According to him, the decision to invest money on homeopathy for cows and sheep in a time of economic crisis is questionable.

On the other hand,  Harvey Locke, the president of the British Veterinary Association, says he is very satisfied that Europe is investing in veterinary medicine and expects the results of the pilot project to be very useful.